Our business integration services include information architecture, data management and integration, application integration and all of the technologies that make those goals possible enterprise-wide. The end goal is a smoothly functioning information technology foundation for all your business activities. Concert Tech has been at the forefront of embracing Service Oriented Architecture to provide Web Services.

How Concert Tech can help:

Concert tech provides Business Integration services using technologies such as enterprise service bus, message based systems, Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services to better suit your specific needs.

With our experience building successful infrastructure and background in business and system architecture, we will plan a strategy with your company to ensure an easy transition to business integration.

Client Challenges:

  • Legacy applications and data usage.
  • Ability to use third party application that only exposes their services and not the code.
  • Lack the ability to handle new applications obtained through mergers and acquisitions.
  • Use proprietary technologies as needed in conjunction with the commercial or open source applications.

Business Value and Benefits:

  • Convert your current business functionality into a useful web service rather than doing a complete new implementation.
  • Use partners services by accessing their web service or built web service from the scratch.
  • Synchronize and easily access all of your internal information such as finance, purchasing, human resources, product introduction.
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