Cloud services cover a wide range of resources that a service provider delivers to customers through internet, which is broadly known as the cloud. There are various characteristics of cloud services like self-provisioning and elasticity which implies customers can provision services on an on-demand basis and close them when they are no longer necessary. In addition, customers usually subscribe to cloud services, under a monthly billing arrangement, rather than paying for software licenses, supporting server and network infrastructure upfront, for example. In many transactions, this approach makes a cloud-based technology as a part of  operational expense, rather than a capital expense. From a management viewpoint, cloud-based technology lets organizations access software, storage, and other IT infrastructure elements without handling the burden of maintaining and upgrading them.

The usage of cloud services has become closely associated with cloud offerings, like Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Cloud services as professional services

Another sense of cloud services involves professional services that enable the customers to deploy various types of cloud services. Consulting firms, systems integrators and other channel partners may offer such services to enable their clients to adopt cloud-based technology.

Cloud services may include any or all of the following offerings: cloud-readiness assessment, application rationalization, migration, deployment, customization, private and public cloud integration, hybrid clouds and on-going management. The companies those specialize in cloud services have become an attractive targets for Accenture, IBM and Wipro, for instance, that seek expertise in cloud consulting and deployment.

Concert-Tech’s cloud services help enterprises in enhancing their customer experience, accelerating business outcomes and building future ready capabilities. We help our customers in optimizing, scaling, managing and outsourcing IT resources for rationalizing the investments. Along with this, we develop highly available, infinitely scalable applications and Application Programming Interface to deploy powerful applications and services to the cloud that can scale from 1 to 1000 in minutes.

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