Organizations of all sizes need high quality, cost effective and trusted cyber defense solutions to help combat the risk of compromise as well as the extent of damage resulting from a compromise.

We help fast-moving pre-IPO companies identify and eliminate cyber vulnerabilities by creating lean security programs that bring exponential threat reduction with incremental investment.

We love engaging with innovative, high-energy, high-impact teams that are passionate about achieving their mission. We have a history of enabling these teams by removing the pain, fear, and frustration that innovators and business leaders often feel when dealing with technical threats. It is essential for modern professionals to build cohesive, motivated teams in a short span of time.

We provide truly independent high quality, pragmatic and value for money solutions to assist companies to develop their cyber defensive capability, from supporting a cultural shift towards security awareness, to designing, delivering and managing technical security architectures and solutions. In addition concert-tech has a number of security as a service (SaaS) offerings designed to complement cyber professional services and simplify the world of cyber defense for those organizations (waking up to the threats).

Our team of highly skilled and specialist individuals deliver professional services consultancy, solution implementation, operation transition and security services across both the public and private sectors. Our high level market offering includes information security & assurance, data privacy, cyber security architecture, cyber security engineering & services and business resilience.

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