Quality Assurance and Testing has become an integral part of a web application or web product development. In an increasing open market place where companies are competing to offer better quality products, services and solutions, higher quality has become the mantra of today.

Client Challenges:

  • Web based products and applications throw huge challenges during developmental stages.
  • Most companies do not have competent quality assurance engineers to carry out in-depth quality test.
  • Zero tolerance to bugs in applications poses huge challenges for companies to raise the bar for quality deliverables.

How Concert Tech can help:

  • We provide Quality Assurance plans to monitor direct observation, management information systems, periodic inspection, user survey, validated user/customer complaints, 100% inspection, periodic sampling, random sampling, progress or status meetings and performance reporting.
  • After finishing each of our contracts we perform a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP a systematic method to evaluate performance for the stated contract). This is a great prevention method to ensure your software is properly completed and to identify any problems that may arise in the future.
  • The way that we ensure the process of Quality Assurance is by following a strict set of standards, procedures and guidelines since the beginning of the project until the release date. These go from the Requirement Analysis until the end of the cycle.

Business Value and Benefits:

  • Your company will save money and time by monitoring flaws in your system and by having ready a reaction plan to solve them immediately if encountered.
  • Improve your clients’ satisfaction by enhancing the quality of your services.
  • Keep your company competitiveness by always keeping up with current changes in the industry.
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